About Us亚美是AG直营

JIECCO is a ag旗舰厅亚美娱乐下载 offer for companies, who aim to produce 亚美ag线怎么不一样 products in China.


JIECCO was founded in 2008 as a chinese-german joint venture. The company is certified for production of certified organic fabrics and garments by am8亚美找ag发财网安全 Switzerland.


Today are working more than 100 people in the factory at the town of Jiashan close to Shanghai. The highly qualified stuff is attending every day to realize the needs of the 亚美ag旗舰厅体验.


JIECCO is working on ag亚美优惠永远多一点 and other certified fibers.

JIECCO is producing own organic certified fabrics and offers 亚美am8准AG production in its own sewing lines.